Journey began as a Refrigerator Technician

Devjee Thakur, a son of Makshudhan born in farmers family who lived in Janakpur-7, Katrait. He lived in a joint family with six members. He is 27 years old energetic youth with having general knowledge on electricity. While working as a helper of electrician, he had low income and in community there was a trend of barter system (labor exchange) means he must work free of cost in village. In village relative and neighbor did not pay for electric maintenance. So, he had low earning and if paid that was also very low. There was no recognition of work. He is quick learner and wants to gather knowledge and skills from the observation of such type of service and workmanship. He knew that, electric and electronic based service business is a more profitable occupation than others.

One day, one of the sisters of village namely Rupa didi share him information about free training. She encourages him not to lose the golden opportunity. This opportunity of free training had knocked on his doorstep. From the beginning, he was eager to participate the training of AC/Refrigerator and want to be technician of it. So, I offer my candidacy on it and united in training. 65 training days was more useful for him. Almost the training sessions were practical based.

“Furthermore, I was fully conscious on training and its charm. There is growing demand of technician regarding AC/Refrigerator and limited manpower in market. At present scenario, in each house have huge number of home appliance and used in daily in Terai. Especially, in our area, due to hot weather, people use fan, AC, Fridge in large numbers. If I would have repairing skill of air condition and fridge then I can make more money and my earning will be high. This thought attracted me to be in this profession.”

After completing training, I commenced small repairing shop nearby Kannarpatti which is 3 km away from my village Katrait. In future I have plan to provide all kind of service from my shop such as LED TV repairing, refrigerator repairing and other kind of home appliance. Till date I have not enough budget/fund to invest for it. To open shop I have to manage minimum five lakhs.” Is there is provision of supporting us? if so then it would be great”.

During training period, I got opportunity to reparing of refregerator as changing relay, overload gas, wiring cut joining and the instructor provided pocket money as 1,000-1,500 respectively to me. Furthermore, I also repaired transformer, remote controller etc. Even after training, if I have any kind of problem, I directly use to call my instructor and he suggests me accordingly. I need to learn more about controller panel and PCV card, it will be advantaged for me, then, I can earn more.

Training was too good and demanding and I feel lucky to raise my skills and knowledge in this sector. Talking about the training course, air condition repairing was tough to learn than refrigerator which was quite easy for me as I have previously general reparining knowledge of electric goods.

My dream is to open shop on Janakpur city and earn more money and I am optimistic on it. At the end, I would like to thank to all for brining such kind of skills training in our village and best wishes to them for providing me an opportunity to know me as Refregerator Technician.


Presenter: Roshan Darnal