I wish to coup a big contract in near future

Mahesh Mahato lives in nearby village of Mirchiya Municipality, Siraha. He is the only hope of his family and he used to work as helper in arc welding workshop at Mirchiya. He is young and energetic youth of age 27. Since, two year he was in welding profession. Earning was not enough and gradually was suffered from eyeache. Continuous playing and working with arc, it damaged his eyes. As a helper getting low wage rate and eyes problem, he decided to change the profession which have more earning and demand on market.

At a meantime Nepal government launched Samriddhi project in state 1 & 2. One of the sub-components of project is decent jobs. From his friends he came to know about a cost-free training of Building Electrician. He desires to grave the opportunity, so he offers application form for Building Electrician training. Furthermore, he passes the interview selection process. On 15th May 2019, short term vocational training on Building Electrician (a certified course of Counsel for Technical Education and Vocation Training (CTEVT) initiated in Lahan Municipality. Although he was from Mirchiya, his determination took him to Lahan city.

The training was free of cost and executing partner “Gandaki Polytechnic institutes where Helvetas Nepal provides technical support in entire period. On 15th May, he receives short orientation of program. He decided to settle in Lahan during training period. A training cycle completed after 65 days.

During our onsite training I earned fifteen thousand and it build up my confidence. Till date I am working with my trainer. He finds works for us and our team move there. It helps to sharpen my skills and good command on it. On reference of our main trainer we had visited on Golchari, Balanseer electricity maintenance unit. Similarly, our team got small contract for piping the house and general appliance set up such as installing of ceiling fans, inverters, LED lights fitting and many more.

He said that he was lucky because he got the chance to be a self-employed and I started to earn money. When I was helper, I get seven thousand per month. After getting skill I started earning quite more than previous one.

Till date I have no plan to move abroad. In our group four people are there and we all are working in small contract. I wish to coup big building’s contract in near future.


Presenter: Roshan Darnal