Steps towards to Entrepreneur

My name is Rakesh Sah. I am 25 years old and from Golbazar-6, Siraha. Recently, I have completed my level one short term vocational training of Aluminum Fabricator; however, the result is not published yet. Shortly, after completion vocational training. During training period, I started working on off as a casual worker at aluminum fabricator workshop in same training venue. Sharp 7:00 am to 1:00 pm I used to engage on training and onward I used to work on same workshop.

In April 2019, I heard about the short-term vocational training course going to be conduct in our area. I started to search means to get in and I came to know entire program was led/run by a private technical training service provider namely Trade Link Technical Training Institute. When I saw other technician working on aluminum fabricator and stongly I wanted to be one of them and had dream of my own aluminum shop.

Immediately, I asked my family and friends about enrolling in the course, all appreciated as well as encouraged me to participate on training. I offered my application and I got selected. From the beginning, I have dream of my own workshop and I worked hard to fullfill my dream.

Training was for six hours per day, but I spent additional time in workshop for more skills and knowledge. I invested additional 6 hours per day to learn more. At the end, I appeared on skill testing during onsite training, I started homework for opening shop.

Now, it happens two months I have opened my own aluminum shop, I commenced my own business in Golbazar. Here in my workshop, I have three more assistants as supporting worker. I managed tools, equipments and raw materials too. Now, people started to recognize me and give orders of doors, windows and ventilations. It is satisfactory on initial period.

I really thank Samriddhi, Helvetas Nepal, Trade Link and other helpful hands for the initiation which helped to change my life. I now have the technical skill in aluminum fabricator and request entire team to provide next level training.

Collector: Roshan Darnal